Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I have what one might call and obsessive personality. It's really easy for me to over analyze and stress about things. Or just think about things to the exclusion of other things - like, oh, you know, spending time with Davan, for example.

I'm fairly obviously obsessed about the whole gymnastics thing right now. I'll be really glad when it's over.

I obsess about food. What I want to eat, what I don't. What my new plan for eating right will be.

Sometimes I obsess about the book I'm reading. I have a hard time breaking away from it and think about it when I'm not reading.

Just now, though? Other than gymnastics? I'm obsessing over Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We're just finishing up Buffy season 3. When we finished season 1 and had a break until season 2 due to logistical issues in getting the new season from our friends, I missed watching. I made sure there wasn't a long break before we got season 3, though. Even so, it was a couple of days. When Anthony is too tired to watch an episode in the evening, I feel bummed.

Even though we have many seasons yet to go and Angel is starting up, I worry about when it'll be over. I'll miss watching. It wouldn't be as fun to watch it all again. Although I may still do that. It'll help ease the sorrow.

When we watched the Prom episode, I cried when Buffy and Angel were dancing. How sappy is that? I mean really. It's kind of stupid, but still.

Now that that's out, I'll try to lay my various obsessions aside and read the newspaper that Davan spent hours making last night for this morning. Because, gee, that's probably where my priorities should be.

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