Friday, September 12, 2008

The Gymnastics Saga Continues

Wednesday evening a rumor reached my ears that the gym was closing down. Now, that's not great news or anything, but it wasn't over huge for us, as we were probably moving gyms anyway. However, it did make a difference to us in that possibly a large number of people would be looking for a new gym now, rather than just us. Or, at least, so it seemed at first.

For some background, Davan has been greatly enjoying gymnastics again. She looks forward to going and enjoys working with Linda (the pre-team coach). However, she doesn't feel challenged. 1 1/2 hours two days a week is not enough for her. She wants more. But not with the coaches she had for team. We went to another gym Saturday and did open gym there. Davan felt pretty comfortable and even did her floor routine for Julie - one of the owner/coaches. She got invited to try out with their team. We opted to do so, but hadn't talked to them about it yet, thinking there was no rush. Now this.

After I heard the news, I called Do Jump, which I'd been planning to do anyway, but there had been no rush before, to see if she could possibly switch nights because her gymnastics schedule is changing. No. They weren't willing to work with us at all in that regard. Period. And, just so we knew, we couldn't get a refund, either, as it was Thursday and the dead line for refunds is one day after the first class, which would have been Tuesday. Gee. Thanks.

Davan and I talked about what she wanted to do and options. With what we've learned, as of this morning, we've made a game plan. She'll be able to do Do Jump this month, but then she'll probably just have to abandon it, which she's sad about, but wants to do gymnastics more. Then, next month, she'll be back on team. Now, it may be team at our current gym with her beloved pre-team coach, Linda, as the new owner and coach for level 4 or it may be at the new gym with Linda over there as a pre-team coach, but with Davan on team. In other words, we're following Linda. She's a really good coach and is the one who's held the gym together. We're willing to give her our loyalty.

However, we're still going to have Davan do a trial workout with the team at the new gym to make sure she's compatible with their level 4 coach. Otherwise, we'll have to keep shopping. I don't think it'll be a problem, though. With the 7 different coaches she's had in gymnastics, she's only really had a problem with 1 and only 1 other that she didn't much care for, but could live with.

Gotta have something to keep me busy, I guess. Playdates for Davan, drawing classes for Davan, a visit from my best friend, no eating out at all while keeping everyone healthily feed, starting piano lessons for Davan, getting in my exercise and keeping up with all the little things that are routine or come up in life aren't enough, I suppose.

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