Sunday, September 21, 2008

Camping at Beverly Beach

We got back today from three nights at Beverly Beach. It was a fun trip. We listened to a Full Cast Audio production of Circle of Magic, Sandy's Book and we started Tris' Book. We like the productions by Full Cast Audio, so that certainly helped to pass the time on the way there and back.

We spent a lot of time on the beach and I spent a lot of that time body boarding, which was lots of fun. I'm grateful for the full body wet suit Anthony gave me for Christmas. He found it at Goodwill, so it wasn't even a huge present.

We also did some cooking over the fire, beach walking, a little tidepooling and a cool hike which included a really neat pedestrian suspension bridge.

Davan checking out a sea star.

Me out on the suspension bridge.

Davan making a sand tunnel.

Me waiting for a wave.

We took Arie, Davan's rat. His favorite part of the trip was dinner time. He snuggled under Davan's coat and came out for tidbits periodically.


  1. That looks like fun We went to Bev Beach on fourth of July last year, ended up having to call 911 because of the drunken screaming fight between the couple next to us! Your trip looked much more peaceful...Can't believe you braved the waves!