Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I'm having internet connectivity issues this evening. I'd just typed up a whole rambling email about grown up time, gymnastics and speeding tickets. And it went away into never-never land. Alas.

Suffice it to say that while Davan has enjoyed a play date for the last three out of four Wednesdays at a friend's house, Anthony and I have enjoyed some grown up time, which has been quite nice.

Davan is planning on sticking with gymnastics and she'll be working out with the level 5s at the new gym while competing as a level 4 until she's ready to compete at level 5, whenever that may be.

I got a speeding ticket, which is a big pain. It was a school zone. I didn't realize. It was 12:45, so neither when school was starting or ending, and I was going the exact speed limit for outside of the school zone. I guess this is to get me back for all those times I speed with intention.

Now, lets see if this one posts.

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