Tuesday, January 13, 2009

36.9 vs 8.8

I'm beginning to think I should have made my resolution more challenging. So far, I've done 36.9 bike/walk (mostly bike) miles and 8.8 countable van miles. Maybe 75% of local miles would have been a better goal?

Of course, I'm still in the car for more over all miles. Davan and I drove probably 30 round trip miles today to go to open gym and the Dave's Killer Bread factory. Dave himself was manning the counter, but I was too shy (read: anxious it wouldn't go well - Davan does get it from somewhere!) to mention that I recognized him.

And there have been those times that I've done local trips that I've deemed "uncountable." Falling into that category are picking Davan up from gymnastics after dark, combining local trips with longer trips and the infamous library to gym combined trip that I dithered over so.

It might be interesting to keep a total miles log, as well. But, then I'd probably be feeling like my 36.9 miles are pretty shabby, so maybe not.

For now, at least, I'll keep my goal where it is, but consider upping the challenge as the months go on. I'm thinking there could well be days of rain or even more snow during which I'll be very glad I've gotten ahead on the bike/walk miles.


  1. "I really like this Oma." I saw thought when I this in your blog you were saying to me...."I really like this Oma" as in hint, hint, hint. LOl

  2. LOL! And, at first, when I read what your wrote, I thought you were saying that I really liked you, Oma. Funny.

    By the by, the comment is for the next blog entry, not so much this one. No that it matters, but at first I thought your comment hadn't shown up when I went to reply. Then I noticed it on this post.

  3. Ah i see what happened I attatched my comment to the wrong blog.