Friday, January 30, 2009

Did Jump

I had my first Do Jump class Wednesday evening. It was...okay. I really liked playing on the trapeze, but I found several things to be a bit disappointing.

We started about 15 minutes late. Then we stretched - sort of a gentle yoga sort of stretching session - for an hour. An hour! I didn't want to take the class to stretch! I wanted to take it to tumble and do the trapeze!

There was an awful lot of down time - waiting for turns on the trapeze, being told, after our hour of stretching, to just stretch out for another 5 minutes - anything that didn't get stretched, that sort of thing.

The class, it turns out, gets out at 9:00 instead of the posted 8:30. Plus, we didn't actually get done until 9:15. It was quite late for Davan by the time we left.

Next week, and all the following weeks, I will take extra food for her (she was also starving by the end and had to eat before going to bed once home) and take her pjs and toothbrush. She can get ready for bed there, listen to a book on tape on the way home for Wednesday night reading and just pop into bed once home. It'll be okay. It's only once a week for a couple of months, but it rather took me by surprise that first night.

As I said, though, I did enjoy the trapeze. What I'd like to see is about 15 minutes of stretching, some instruction on the trapeze and then some free time to explore what we learned and do favorite things.

I suspect we're doing so much stretching because most people can't do that much trapeze. I was a little shocked at how few people, most of whom had taken the class before, couldn't get their legs up on the trapeze. Many, many people didn't do second or third turns on skills because they were worn out and afraid that if they did, they wouldn't be able to do the upcoming skills.

I suspect intermediate would be better. Apparently, if you can do an upside down straddle on the ropes above the trapeze, you can move up to intermediate. We didn't work that still Wednesday, but I'm pretty sure I can do it, given the skills I can do.

Sadly, as it was with Davan, they don't move people mid-term. I'd have to sign up again to do intermediate. I won't be doing that because I don't have that much extra money. My spending money is tapped out. Besides, it would cost me about 4 months worth of spending money for the two month class.

So, I'll try to chill out about all the gentle stretching, I'll get the enjoyment I can out of the trapeze and I'll make it work for Davan. It's just too bad that they don't do placement tests when you first start Do Jump. That would have been good for both Davan and I.

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  1. Ah i see you got into the class but as with Davan you are in the wrong class.

    And I just figured out why I am having trouble with posting comments. I was using my identity instead of my user name.