Tuesday, January 27, 2009


That would be the past tense of meet, right? Davan had her first real, against other gyms, meet this weekend. It went really well!

I was so pleased that she didn't get too panicky about it before. There was a little stress, but not too much. I was so, so pleased that she was happy and smiling through most of the meet. The one exception to this was that she missed both of her warm up cartwheels on the beam and ended up crying. Her coach was great about it, though, with helping her through and Davan stuck the cartwheel when it counted. Other than a step on the vault landing, I believe she performed as well as she can do in practice, which was great for her.

Additionally, she placed on beam, bars and all around. She qualified for sectionals. She helped the team place third.

It was a very successful first meet!

We were at Great Wolf Lodge, as you readers know, I'm sure. We took two friends with us, an adult friend and a 14 year old friend. That worked out really well. Everyone got along and it enabled Anthony and I to do the work we needed to while Davan got to play at the water park with the 14 year old and close by adult assistance, if needed.

I got to play at the water park for a while on Sunday and a long time on Monday before we came home. Again, I enjoyed it, but I don't need to spend that much money to do it. If Davan sticks with gymnastics and we stick with the same gym, though, I won't have a lot of choice about it.

A lot of parents bailed out on the tearing down of equipment at the end of the meet, which was 9:00 Sunday evening. I can understand why and it didn't end up really mattering. Next year, though, I'd say that they shouldn't make everyone do both the set up and tear down. Knowing how it went, it would be enough for most parents to do one or the other, which gives families a lot more flexibility about their weekend and how long to stay. If we're still at this gym, I will suggest that for next year.

I did shave. I felt confident about my appearance, but also like I'd given in. My armpits did get sore and were difficult to shave. I guess I haven't shaved them since loosing weight and there was a rather deep part of the pit that gave me great difficulty. I will be letting it all grow back out and I'm not sure I'll ever do my pits again, although I would do my legs and bikini area, even if it makes me feel a little cheap.

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