Thursday, January 08, 2009


This afternoon I'm taking Davan to the library for a homeschool class. Then, we'll be going straight to gymnastics. All told, the trip will be 8.9 miles. That's more, if you were to break it into there and back, than 3 miles, and yet, I never go 3 miles from home. Do I have to count that in the car tally or is it a freebie because it's more than 6 miles total?

If we were to come home in between, I'd say the trip counts as local. Is it not if I'm combining trips? I think, to be honest, that I should count it. It would sort of be like not counting driving to and from swimming because we had another person in the car. This is the sort of thing that I've planned for with the more bike/walk than drive wording, right?

But, I don't wanna count it. And it is more than 6 miles! But, never more than 3 from home. I guess I've gotta count it. Sigh.

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