Tuesday, January 13, 2009


At first this morning, I felt like I was much better today. Then I got out of bed. I was dizzy in an almost falling over sort of way most of the morning. I seem to be mostly over the dizziness now, but I'm feeling tired and drained now. Ah well. I still could be much sicker. The sun is out this afternoon and I'm debating if I can get Davan and I out for a bit before gymnastics. Of course, first I have to convince myself and then her. We shall see.

The dizziness reminded me of an interesting thing that happened on Friday. In retrospect, I was starting to not feel well on Friday. I only realized at the time that I was kind of tired. I wanted to leave Anthony's work party a bit early. Of course, that can easily be explained away by the fact that his work party involved being in a loud room crowded with people I don't know, so it's not that remarkable that I didn't realize I was coming down with the beginnings of a little something.

Any-who. In the afternoon Davan and I were playing a dance game on the Playstation. It's the only game she and I ever play and that very rarely. It's a dance to any song game, so you can put in your own CD and it will create a dance for it. It's not as good as the dances that are designed as part of the game, but still fun. You can also create your own dance for the song. Davan and I were doing that.

It was Davan's turn to create before we both danced and I was watching her do her thing. The background on the screen was a swirling pattern. After watching for a couple of minutes, I looked at the stereo next to the TV and, low and behold, it started swirling. It lasted for maybe a minute and was pretty darn impressive. Nothing like a good visual hallucination.

Now on to the rest of our day.

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