Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Seriously Lustful

There is something I really, really want. But, I don't need it. And it's expensive. But I still want it. If we got rid of the van, I could have it. It'd be hard to take skiing, though, which I still want to do, too. What is it? A bike.

Why, when I, personally, have three bikes? (Yeah, three - a road bike that is rarely used, a mountain bike that I do use for solo errands and trips with hills, never for mountain biking, and the tandem. So, yeah, the tandem is both mine and Davan's, but still.) Anthony has three bikes, as well. Or is it four? More? I'm thinking of his commuter bike, his mountain bike, his fancy shmansy go fast bike and the tandem he captains.

Okay, to be totally honest, I'm not sure which bike set up I want. But, I do know the general idea.

So, what will this new bike do for me? Let me tell ya.

I really like this Oma. You'll have to click to go check it out. I want a bike designed for what I mostly use a bike for - putzing around doing errands. This bike is designed for a heavy load on the rack - a whole adult, for example. So, I could put Davan back there if she didn't feel like pedaling. Because, let me tell you, if she's not feeling like pedaling, it doesn't help to have her on the back on the tandem, that's for sure.

I also really like the idea of the Xtracycle Longtail. This lets you transform a bike of your choice into a Longtail - long, heavy duty rack on the back. Many people use these for hauling children around. Yes, multiple children. I could transport other kids, if necessary. The link takes you to a picture of two longtails outfitted for camping, with a child seat on one of them.

I'd really want an different bike for the longtail. I want a more upright, cruiser sort of ride. This bike here is a recommended choice for converting to a longtail.

Now, because these bikes let you haul so much stuff, I could need some help, especially for bike camping. In comes the Stokemonkey. You'll see the same picture here as for the Longtail link at the top of the page, but then more stuff about the Stokemonkey, rather than the blog entry about camping with the longtails. Any-who, what the Stokemonkey does is give you a power assist for hills. It doesn't make your bike into a scooter, you still have to peddle, but it does help with large loads or with hills. And with one of the heavy bikes I'm lusting after, believe you me, I'm lusting after this, as well.

So, for the Electra Townie ($750) with longtail conversion ($489) and the Stokemonkey ($1,668) to make it so I can actually move the thing about on other than downhills, we're talking $2907. I'd gladly trade my three bikes in for this, but, sadly, they wouldn't come close to covering the cost.

Let's try the Oma option out. The Oma, straight up, is ($1,600). Of course, there is no conversion necessary and it comes with all sorts of cool things already built in - lights, fenders, rack. Thus, the Oma plus the Stokemonkey is $3268.

I could maybe do better by buying used on Craig's List...but I'm not sure that I could find these things. People use them. Let me just take a quick look see. Yeah, that's a no. Maybe if I keep my eye out, something would pop up.

And then there is Anthony. I'm not sure he'd agree with the whole trading for the tandem thing. Although, if I can still get Davan around, I'm not sure why not really. But, the tandem in the shape it's in and being the size it is, probably won't move for much money. Sigh.

And can I live with the set up we've got? Yeah. But, I'm lusting! Seriously lusting! So, if someone wants to be my wish granting fairy, you know what to do. Email me if you need an address for delivery. :)

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