Sunday, January 11, 2009

I've Succumbed

I've got some sort of illness. I'm not dying. I'm not even overly stuffy. I am, however, very tired, week, have a sore throat and a mildly elevated temperature.

Regardless, I still managed to go out with Anthony and Davan to run some errands yesterday. However, once, I stayed in the car and, when I did go in with them, I discovered that I couldn't keep up in the parking lot. That was kind of odd, trailing behind.

Today, they went to the library and back to Home Depot (we went there yesterday, too) and I opted to stay home. Sitting or laying at home in my sweats, a muffler, hat, a blanket or two over me and a mug of tea near by is much preferable to running errands.

Still, I'm well enough to not be miserable while hanging out quietly, which is excellent when one has the luxury of indulging a mild illness. Now if I can just convince Anthony to actually dote on me, cooking and cleaning up after, it would be a lovely day, even with the not feeling well.

It's not that he's not well intentioned. It's just that he doesn't know what to do in the kitchen, really, always needing direction, and he never really totally cleans up after himself. So, the day after I "take time off," I end up doing double duty, which sucks. So, if I can, I still get up and take care of stuff so that I'm not overwhelmed the next day. Sigh. One can't have absolutely everything in a spouse, I guess, and he sure is a great guy in a lot of other ways.

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