Thursday, January 08, 2009

One Week Out

It's one week post Christmas (for us) and the house doesn't look like Christmas anymore. It's been a gradual process, with the last of Anthony's gift paraphernalia being tucked away just this morning, along with the snowman table cloth being put away. It's nice to have the house back.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Christmas and I had a really good one this year. It's just nice to go back to not so much sensory input. The snowman table cloth was getting to me with it's attention getting pattern. I'm glad not to have lights strung up anymore in the living room, play room and hall. It makes playing ball in the house so much easier. It's nice to have it all and it's nice when it goes away, too.

We've taken care of all returns and cancellations. My mom had signed me up for a Do Jump class for adults that I can't do due to timing. Sadly, I'm 5th on the wait list for the class that happens when I can go. Next term, perhaps.

The one outstanding Christmas issue is Anthony's watch. He's having a hard time deciding. He's found a couple he likes, but it's difficult because, being on the thin side, his wrist is too small for many of the massive men's watches that are out there. Plus, he isn't sure if he wants to just go cheap on the watch and the extra money for other stuff or get one he really wants. Decisions, decisions.

The new year has prompted me to look at pictures on the computer. We point our screen saver at the current year so that we see our current pictures. So, I got to thinking about replacing some of the old pictures on the walls with pictures from 2008 so that when we move on to 2009 pictures, we'll still have our favorites around. That was a large-ish project that Anthony, Davan and I finished last night. While our picture hall still looks messy, I like the new pictures and it's slightly less messy than it was before.

Talking it over with Anthony, I decided to make a favorites folder of pictures from all the years we have on digital. That's five years now. I spent bout 7 hours over the last couple of days going through all of our pictures and copying over favorites. It was mostly fun to look at all the old pictures, but also hard on my shoulders. I'm not used to sitting at a desk for long periods of time!

I had a hard time with 2007, which was the year Max was with us the whole year. I surprised myself by feeling a little sad. Mostly, I've just felt so much like we made the right decision that sad hasn't gotten in there very much. It made me think about him and wonder how he's doing again. Not that I don't anyway. And it made me feel sad for what a rough life this little boy has had. However, I'm still very, very glad we disrupted. It's still a huge relief.

We're back into swimming, gymnastics, playdates, book groups and all the rest and glad to be. Yay for holidays and yay for regular routines.

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