Monday, January 12, 2009

Not 100%

I got up this morning at my 7:30 time. I did my chores. I even did a very easy yoga tape - only 20 minutes. However, I'm still not feeling great. It could be much worse and I still think my immune system is doing a good job. But, it's still not fun to not feel one's best when one has a regular, full day ahead.

We'll still be going to swimming. I'll just let our teacher know I'm under the weather and will be swimming slowly. She'll be cool with that. We'll probably even still ride over. I won't want to ride Davan down to gymnastics tonight, I'm sure. The thought of that hill on the way back up, feeling not up to snuff isn't appealing. So, I should make sure to get in non-van miles when it won't be so hard.

I've been reading Freeing Your Child From Anxiety. It's been helpful already. From reading it, I think that Davan is somewhere between a more-worried-than-average kid and having Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I certainly don't think that she has Generalized Anxiety Disorder, but I think she does tend toward it a bit, with some phobia, separation anxiety and obsessive compulsive tendencies thrown in. Nothing serious and certainly not diagnosable, but enough that it's good for us to be working on it before anything did become too serious. Plus, it would make our lives smoother for her not to worry so much.

We've had a couple of conversations now that have helped her turn her thinking around some. I'm not expecting miracles, but with time and consistency, hopefully there will be less and less worry happening.

As I told Davan this morning, she comes by the worry honestly, it often being passed down genetically and definitely tending that way myself (and Anthony and my mom and, and), but that doesn't mean it has to rule her life.

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