Saturday, January 31, 2009

End of the Month Report

Today is the last month of January. How are those resolutions going? I think this is an important part of the whole resolution making deal - accountability. People tend to slide, but if you just say, "Ah well, I didn't make it, I'll just not do it," you're missing out.

So far, my resolutions are going well. My mileage is 92.3 to 65.7. The 92.3 is the bike/walk mileage. There was one nearly 10 mile trip by car that I almost didn't count, thinking that, because the trips were combined, it wouldn't count. However, when I finally checked it out, there were no legs longer than 3 miles, so it counted. I want to keep an honest tally and not let things slide that should count. I will be on myself about that.

I got up by 7:30 every weekday morning except one. That was yesterday. I was really, really tired with the visit from my best friend, Chris, and the Great Wolf Lodge trip. That is an excuse, I know.

However, I also decided that I could have one floating vacation day a month for sleep purposes. I usually don't sleep in well on the weekends because I'm not used to Anthony being in bed with me after 4:30, because the cats are often still around rather than being shut up in the kitchen like they are on weekdays and doors tend to stay open, letting in light that bothers me. I'm a sensitive sleeper.

I'd have a harder time with the resolution if I never got to sleep in. So, once a month on a week day, I can take a sleeping vacation. It seems reasonable to me.

Speaking of sleeping and reasonableness...on the next two Saturdays, we have to be at meets by 8:00 am. Yikes! One of them is in Salem, which is about an hour and a half drive away. The other is in downtown Portland and, thus, only about a half an hour away. I'm not liking that. Grrr.

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