Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm Still Alive!

We had an exciting weekend of high winds and flying trees around here. Not one, but two trees crashed into our house. One was more of a glancing blow to the house while taking out the trampoline

but the other fell full on the roof.

There is some damage that we're still assessing.

We had power outages off and on all weekend, with surges that were blowing out power strips and computers all over the place. Thus, we chose to leave the computer off and unplugged until the most serious of the winds were over.

With the high winds and other factors, I drove a lot over the weekend, making me glad I'd built up a strong lead with the bike/walking earlier in the month. Sadly, I discovered that my SIL's house is exactly 3 miles away, causing it to count as a local trip. My totals, therefore, are currently 58 to 34.7; bike to car.

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