Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Books of Late and Other Random Things

I've had a whole series of books lately that I've not enjoyed enough to finish more than half way through. This has been seriously discouraging and also does not make for good book review material. The one book I did make it through was a "cook" book. I say "cook" because it's a raw book. On a purely entertaining note, it was good, but I haven't made anything, really, out of it because it's so heavy on nuts, so I wouldn't think a review would go far without trying it out.

I'm even listening to a repeat book. When I read a book that I really like, I often listen to it, too, because it's fun to see how they turn out in audio form. Most of the time, I like it. Sometimes the narrator is just too awful to get around. Still, overall, it's much more satisfying to listen to a book I've enjoyed than to watch a movie adaptation, which almost always bums me out.

Speaking of raw (I did mention it a paragraph ago or so), I have been sticking with the raw twice a week at least thing. Yesterday was a raw day and it was rough, I have to tell you. I ended up snacking all afternoon and those snacks tended toward dried fruit and a little nut butter, too. Ah well, I did get a lot of veggies in at both breakfast and lunch.

And on the topic of breakfast, it is not a raw day today, but I still started my day with a green drink. I also had some leftover sweet potato from dinner last night because I really wanted something warm and substantial. Additionally, because this also seems to be an always hungry sort of day, I had two apple "cookies" I'd whipped up last night.

That whole dessert only on Saturday thing? Yeah, well, now it's morphed into only a rich dessert on Saturday. Last night fruit alone didn't seem like what was called for and no one was jonesing for popcorn, so I whipped up some raw apple cookies. They were tasty little items that would have maybe been even better dehydrated, but were good enough for us as they were.

I got out the food processor and dumped in some oats - maybe 2 cups? I ran it long enough for the oats to get chopped up, but not turn to flour. Then I added a handful of dates (I'd planned on raisins, but we were out) and ran it until the dates were very small and mixed with the oats. By this time, though, some of the oats were turning to flour, so next time I might put them in at the same time as the dates. Then I added a generous shake or three of cinnamon and ran it briefly to mix. Next in were two roughly chopped apples. For the last run, I went until the apples were bitty pieces, but not applesauce. Then I just formed cookies. They were very juicy.

We each ate two last night and it was a perfect after dinner light treat. Anthony got another three to take to work today while Davan and I each had two today, at breakfast.

Davan is Do Jumping as I type, but pretty soon I'm picking her up and we're off to a meeting with People to People. Davan is considering going to Australia with them this summer. I have mixed feelings about it, but it may well come down to money, as Davan is super excited about the possibility. (This from the kid that, so far, has been scornful of the very idea that parents send their kids to away camp.) We'll see what they have to say tonight.

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