Sunday, February 28, 2010

March Challenge - A Different Direction

I was all set to challenge myself with Bicycling Magazine's plan to prepare for your first century. I was thinking I'd do week 1 and 2, go to Colorado, redo week 2, then do week 3. However, I'm feeling a little stressed by the idea, not challenged. I'd like to get on my bike more and have a little more structure to the rides - doing intervals on certain rides, doing distance days, doing active recovery days - but I'm just not feeling like taking on the plan as prescribed right now. I do think I'll refer to it in March and make some moves in that direction. Perhaps in April it will be my challenge to do the program as prescribed.

Meanwhile, what I'm going to do for my March Challenge is different from these first two months of 2010 and I'm excited about it. I'm going to do 10 minutes, in addition to the usual morning chores, of decluttering each day that I'm home, travel days excluded. Thus, days "off" will include the day we leave for Colorado and the day we return home as well as the day we leave for camping (again this weekend) and the day we come home.

If I remember, I will snap a picture of the area I choose to work on for the day both before and after for comparison shots and post them.

I'm feeling pretty happy with my momentum in the areas of food and exercise, so doing something different is good and I'm feeling excited about it, which is as it should be. The challenges are meant to break me out of a rut, try something new or ramp up something I'm already doing in a good way, not to be a point of worry.

As of tomorrow - let the decluttering begin!

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