Friday, February 05, 2010

This Week's Thursday Hike

Davan and I had a busy day planned for yesterday, but we still got our hike in. My mom is in town, back from Mexico, and joined us. We hiked in Forest Park because our next event after the hike took place downtown, so it was one drive for both events.

Because our day was to be so busy, I got up in the morning and spent 45 minutes making and packing breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here's the pile of containers when I was done:

We used two crates to take everything to the car yesterday! We had cinnamon pear steel cut oats for breakfast, along with tea. We ate in the car on the way there. Davan's bowl - the one in front - has a spoonful of homemade raw almond butter to mix in.

For lunch, we each had one of the purple rimmed containers of cut up veggies and fruit and a raw almond butter and raw cherry spread sandwich on Dave's Killer Bread. Dinner was a salad each (very large for me, medium for Davan) and assemble your own mini tacos with sprouted corn tortillas, beans with onion, garlic and salsa mixed in (prepared a previous day), sauteed mushrooms and some leftover nacho "cheese" sauce from another meal. These turned out to be very messy when we ate them in the car later, but very tasty.

Then we were off. We met my mom at the trail head and got hiking:

It was very pretty with the air being kind of misty and everything wet. The water in a little creek was higher than we'd ever seen it:

We paused for Mom to shake something sharp out of her boot:

Then, very quickly arrived at the stone house (sorry it's blurry):

My mom and I:

The three of us. I'm posting it even though it's blurry because it's the only one of all three of us from the hike:

After a while, at an intersection, we were wanting to double check out way, so we looked at the posted map:

But, as you may or may not be able to tell from the above picture, it wasn't very helpful. This one might highlight the issue better:

The "you are here" spot had been pointed to so much that it was gone. Still, we were 98% sure we knew what we were doing, so it wasn't a problem.

All the wet, though, did cause a problem, even though we enjoyed how pretty it made everything. We encountered many areas of this stuff:

Yup. Must. Most worse than this patch. Still, we surprisingly low on mud by the time (10:45, if you're curious) we got back to the cars where Davan and I took off to get on with our busy day.

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