Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well, That Lasted a Long Time

My dessert only on Saturdays and special occasions intentions have quickly gone by the wayside. Tonight I was just really feeling the itch, so I whipped this up:

I cut up three kiwis and two apples. I peeled and sectioned three tangelos. I used the Vitamix to whip up a creamy chocolate sauce to dip.

1 handful raw cashes
1 handful dates
pour in some raw cacao powder
splash of vanilla extract
add water to desired consistancy

Mix well. Taste and adjust as necessary. Or, you know, just taste.

Poor Anthony has been working late for the last couple of weeks and he was home later than we wanted to eat dinner tonight, so having dessert all together was a nice way to connect after his long day away.

Everyone was excited to dip in:

It's so, so good. We decided it's probably best called chocolate mouse. It's a lovely dip for fruit. It's also what I topped Davan's breakfast pie with last week.

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