Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February Challenge Update

My February Challenge has been going...okay. I have been sprouting all month, including taking sprouts in progress with me to the cabin this weekend. This is much to Davan's dismay. She is not a sprout lover. Anthony and I have found we like sprouted lentils just to snack on and clover sprouts are good for lots of things, which I knew already. We're not keen on other sprouted legumes. I'm trying a batch of amaranth now and we'll see what we think of it.

I have not made kimchi. I do still have a few days, but this one may go by the wayside. Why do I have such resistance to it? I don't know. It doesn't really seem that hard.

I have gotten in 13 of my 16 workouts thus far. All last week I did Rip's workouts rather than CrossFit and it was much easier, I have to say. I did Rip's workouts because I did not have computer access and that is my back up.

I've let two days a week of raw until dinner go by the wayside. I did it for two weeks, then opted not to continue. Why? Well, most days that I was eating raw, I didn't feel good. I was constantly wanting more to eat and wanting things like nuts, not just veggies. If I were going to go all raw, I imagine I'd get over that eventually, but that's not going to happen. At least not right now. So, it seems better to me to go ahead and eat heavily raw, but also eat cooked food as needed to be satisfied.

In addition, I've been eating down the pantry and have avoided shopping for two weeks now. I did buy some fresh produce today, finally, but I was really feeling the need to use up some things and make sure I really used all the produce I had in the house before buying more. This I did, but it wasn't conducive to eating raw exclusively.

I have, though, had a green drink most mornings this month, which is great. However, I also like the flexibility to have oatmeal when it seems like the thing to do.

And this morning, being nearly out of most things, I made a cream of broccoli soup with some odds and ends (frozen broccoli, onion, garlic, a jalapeno, cilantro and three tomatoes plus water, a dash of Braggs and some nutritional yeast). Having the flexibility to cook something to get the most nutritious meal possible under the circumstances was good for me, too, this morning.

And one more reason, as is I'm not excusing enough, is that I like to be able to use up dinner leftovers as needed at lunch time. That was something I missed doing last month, too.

Of course, with the raw until dinner aspect being only two days a week, a lot of this would have worked most days, anyway, but what it comes down to is that it feels right to me to not do it right now.

There isn't much of February left, but I have not yet given much thought to March. I have some time, though, to let something come to me.

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