Sunday, February 07, 2010

Girl's Saturday

Anthony had to work yesterday, so it was just us girls. Davan and I both felt a little down in the morning, waking up to Saturday without Anthony home to have pancakes with us and, thus, were a little slow moving with a call into Anthony to let him know we missed him and just general lack of abundant energy.

Then, though, Davan said, "I'll come make pancakes with you, mom." And our day took off from there. We had a nice time making pancakes together, including trying out an idea I had for blueberry compote, which turned out wonderfully.

For the blueberry compote pancakes topping, we heated two cups of frozen blueberries in a pot until juicy while soaking four dates in a little water. We blended the dates in their water with the juice of half a lemon in the Vitamix, then added them to the berries. We decided on a TBS of corn starch to thicken things up and, viola, we had pie filling, basically. I ended up using a pancake to scrape out what was left at breakfast, it was so good.

Then Davan made Valentines for the preschoolers she reads to on Wednesdays. She's joining them for their Valentines' Day party on Friday this week and wanted to give them something. She made little heart shaped bean bags out of felt and old craft rice with "hugs" on one side and "kisses" on the other. Very cute.

Meanwhile, I walked to the library to return a huge load and pick up an almost as huge load. Upon returning home, Davan and I had lunch before we went swimming.

We haven't been going much lately, but we enjoy swimming at the local community college during the winter when the indoor pool is open because we like the diving board. Their outdoor pool doesn't have one, so it's less fun in the summer. Davan is getting pretty good at diving. She does a mean front dive and front flip in tuck position. We also had fun goofing off in the small but warmer learner's pool.

After swimming, we stopped off at the Dollar Tree so Davan could buy some glow sticks for Valentines for her fellow Zig Zags. We also stopped at Goodwill and picked up a few new puzzles. We're quit excited about them and hope that all the pieces are there!

Back at home, Davan and I made sushi together so that it would be all ready when Anthony got home from work. Davan rolled for the first time and did a bang up job, all things considered.

Bunny had a hard time staying away from the pile of carrots:

Most importantly, though, we had a really good time doing the sushi together. Our time in the kitchen doesn't always go so well, although we usually so alright. Last night, though, we had a lot of fun. I think two things contributed to that.

1) Davan was doing important things, rather than just setting the table and being a general set of extra hands.

2) We had lots of time, so there was no rush.

When the sushi and edamame were all ready, we sat down to work on the first of the four puzzles we'd picked out:

Davan was having fun pointing at things with the tip of her braid:

Anthony got home and, after talking for a bit about our days, we sat down for sushi and a movie (our usual Saturday evening activity).

We watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and, a few awkward parts aside, we all enjoyed it. Anthony and I might have enjoyed it a bit more than Davan who finds sexuality a bit uncomfortable at this point in her life, but she still was laughing a lot and enjoying it overall.

Of course, we had to pause after we were done eating to make our Saturday night dessert. Last night was chocolate cherry raw cookies, which turned out really, really well last night. Almost too well, as the whole batch got eaten quickly!

Davan and I had a really nice day, but we're very glad to have Anthony home today. If any of you local to Portland people are looking for a fun Superbowl alternative this afternoon, come check out the benefit show at 4:00 at the Echo Theater (just south of Hawthorn on 37th) where Davan will be doing a piece along with some of the other Zig Zags as part of what promises to be a fun show with a lot of professional circus-type performers. Admission is a sliding scale of $7-$14.

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