Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Davan's Lunch Tray

I snapped a quick shot of Davan's lunch tray today to have posting material. Here she is, happily surveying the offerings:

Starting in the upper left hand corner and going left to right by rows, she has Romain lettuce leaves with raw hummus, a chocolate orange raw cookie, carrot sticks, cream of broccoli soup, the last of the experimental onions, a raw grapefruit oatmeal cookies (sounds weird, but they are surprisingly addictive), cucumber slices, Mexican bean soup, red Russian kale chips, strawberries, more strawberries (we try to wait for them to be local, but we love them and couldn't resist) and sliced baby bella mushrooms.

Most of the time in the last two weeks Davan can be found doing this:

Davan was introduced young to Harry Potter, as I started enjoying the series when she was three. At three, she was too young for the books, but when she was four, we happened on the books on tape and a passion was discovered. I don't know how many times she listened to the series, particularly the first four books, but it was many, many times, both in book on tape form and in me reading to her form.

Three years ago, she opted to tackle reading the entire series on her own. She was very engrossed and read nearly constantly. A couple weeks ago, she decided the time was right again. She's on book five - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - and it won't be long before she's done with it, as she's at least 3/4 of the way through.

I'm actually getting jealous of how wrapped up in the books she is and of the laughter bubbling out of her periodically. I think the time might be ripe for me to re-read the series, myself. Of course, I've got a whole book shelf of library books waiting to be read...but sometimes one must do what one must do.

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