Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Christmas in February

I don't know if I've talked about it here, but Davan's Christmas gift from us involves a present each month. We gave her a year of experiences, many of which were on her wish list. In December, we went sledding as a family, then out to dinner. In January, she and I had an evening out together. We went to a second run movie and out to dinner. Each month, she gets to open a new envelope to find out what the adventure for that month is.

Davan was excited to open her February envelope on Monday and she did it right after chores were done.

First, she posed with the envelope:

Then she every so slowly opened it, wanting to preserve the "lovely" envelope:

Finally, she had it open and celebrated this month's activity:

We're going to stay at a (rustic - think camping with a heater) cabin for a couple of nights in a couple of weeks. She's pretty disappointed about it, don't you think?

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