Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm Back!

The reunion weekend was a great deal of fun and so busy that I never did have time to post. Complicating things was that, Saturday evening, my internet service went out and I didn't have time to call about it until Tuesday morning. I spent 2 hours (!!!!!) on the phone with tech support.

At first, he was trying to tell me that my computer was the problem. Then, no, it was a problem at Verizon. That got "fixed" but the connection still wasn't working. Oh, well, then, it was a problem with my computer again. Yes. Of course, both Verizon and my computer are going to go out at the same time. That makes sense. I got out Davan's laptop (which is old and just used for word processing, but is able to connect), which would not connect either, ruling out my computer as the problem. Now he insisted that it was the router and they'd send me a new one. Again, I'm not thinking it likely that the router went out as well as there being a problem at Verizon.

Finally, I just canceled the service and called Comcast. As it happens, I was going to switch over in a couple of weeks anyway. It was Thursday before Comcast could come and hook me up, but then we were busy getting ready for and going camping (in a cabin) for the weekend for Davan's February Christmas gift event. Whew!

We are just back and unpacked and I snagged the computer before anyone else could.

After entering all the above, blogger would not upload pictures, so I left off and am finishing this Monday morning. I wanted to share pictures from our trip.

Here's the cabin we stayed in:
Cute, no?

It was lunch time when we arrived, so we sat out in the sun at our picnic table to eat with the lovely view:

We had coleslaw, lightly steamed veggies, cuties, pear slices and sandwiches - hummus and sprouts for me and almond butter and fruit spread for the other two.

Davan enjoyed all the rocks to climb:

Then we spent the afternoon exploring. We walked out nearly every dock at the marina and did a little more than walk in some cases:

(I'm the one doing the handstand - Davan is doing the splits in the lower picture.)

We concurred peaks:

We enjoyed the view:
Davan worked on making a spear out of a found rock and stick:

Then we went back to the cabin to relax for a while:

We played games and had a snack before heading out to explore some more. Then it was dinner time and, not too long after, time for bed.

The next morning, we got up and hiked the 3/4 mile or so to the near by beach. It was cold, but well worth going because we saw not one, but two, bald eagles. It was pretty awesome! Sadly, we didn't take the camera on that outing.

Davan didn't want to change out of her footie pjs yet, but did want to go, so she just put stuff on over:

We had our usual Saturday morning pancakes with kiwis and blueberry compote. We ate in the cabin, as it was still quite cold out:

After breakfast, we hung out for a while. I read by the edge of the lake, sitting in the sun. Davan found some abandoned rope and finished her spear, which she then played with until she got tired of repairing it all the time.

We eventually got around to packing a lunch and going to see if we could find a good hike to do. And did we ever. We found a seven mile hike that got us up on the rim of the canyon with great views for most of the hike.

Heading up:

Checking out the edge:

Eating lunch with a view:

Looking out:

There are lots more pictures, but they are much the same, so I won't bore you with them all.

After our hike, we retired back to the cabin for a little downtime. We had a snack, then all read for a while. It was really windy, so it was nice to be cozy inside and chill out. Eventually we had dinner (which, as it was the night before, was Mexican bean soup I'd made ahead of time and just needed warming) and then settled in for some game playing before viewing the stars and heading to bed.

Sunday morning started with a hike to the beach again, but no bald eagle sighting. We had Sunday morning pancakes, then packed up and cleaned the cabin. We weren't ready to say goodbye to Cove Palisades State Park quite yet, though, so we went for another hike. This time, we were incorporating a nature walk, so Davan took charge of the map/guide and lead us along:

We had stairs to climb (although not as many as to get up on the rim the day before):

We had nice views (although not as nice as on our big hike the day before):
Davan did a good job of being our nature guide:

We also got to see a pictograph:
And, before we left, we had to make sure to cross both bridges in the park because Anthony did the drafting for them:
Really, all we do is tour Anthony's bridges.

It was a really good weekend and we couldn't have asked for better weather in the middle of February.


  1. Welcome back! Thanks for sharing all the awesome pictures of your fun weekend. Glad your computer probs are solved, too:)

  2. beautiful pics! Cove Palisades brings back so many memories!