Thursday, April 17, 2008

The 4:00 Hour

I'd actually been feeling alright about Max coming home sick today. He was staying in bed, even if he was grumpy. I'd been wanting a laze about day. It was turning out okay.

With the change of the clock to 4, though, a change has come over the situation. Max got up without permission and tried to refuse to go to back to bed. I had told him earlier that if all the food I'd given him in the day stayed down and he was resting that I'd let him get up for dinner, his Thursday haircut and bath before going back to bed.

So, I reminded him that he needed to go back to bed to be rested enough to get up. Now he's screaming and thrashing about. He was playing with his water bottle and refused to give it to me. He keeps saying, "I didn't come home sick today! That was yesterday! Why do I have to stay in bed? You didn't say I'd have to stay in bed if I came home! You're just saying it now to make me be in bed," and the like.

I've gone in and calmly explained, over the back talk, that if I heard him yell again, then he would not have been rested enough to come to dinner and that if he was sitting up, goofing around, then I would not put a new book on CD in for him to listen to while he rests.

I am loosing my patience, though. After all we went though this morning, which I didn't even post about, this is a little too much.

And dinner will be a little odd because I haven't been able to go grocery shopping today, which I pretty much needed to do. I'm fine with dinner, but I don't know if the rest of the family will be. It'll be interesting.

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