Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We Skipped Out Early

It was just as bad as my free floating anxiety about it seemed to indicate. Max acted up because we were there. He didn't clean up when told to. He stayed standing when he was supposed to sit and put his head down. He didn't line up when he was supposed to. His teacher, as I was leaving, said, "I won't send a note today because he's had a great day!" Just shows how much she doesn't notice. Or how anal I am, but I don't think so, knowing that others have kids as passive agressive as Max is and knowing that other people often don't see it.

Besides. The woman was missing him for 15 minutes from her class without noticing. How much else is she missing?

There weren't any games - just crafts. The crafts were okay, but didn't take the hour and fifteen minutes alloted to them to do. I helped cut out paper dresses for pigs while Davan helped tape sticks on pig masks. Then we stood around and waited and waited and waited....then we left before the author presentation.

For one, we hadn't read the book she was going to talk about. No one had sent home information about the book so we could have if we'd wanted to. I was assuming that she was going to read the book. Silly me.

For two, I was tired of Max acting up because I was there and he wanted to see if he could get away with it.

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