Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Negative, Postive, Where Do I Want to Be? Where Am I?

After my early post this morning, I started thinking about negative tone in my posts. I started feeling like I was negative all the time and not ever positive about my life and kids. I started thinking about a posting my blessings post.

Then I started thinking, "Hey, I'm not all negative! The post about Davan's meet was very upbeat. My excitement about working out the new swimming schedule was good." But I can't really think of anything else lately.

I've been pretty negative with Davan lately, too. She told me yesterday when I expressed disappointment that she seems to have lost the skill to put on her own skis that she felt like I was disappointed in her a lot lately. That got me to thinking. I do feel that way. I feel easily annoyed. But, Davan, including all her quirks, is a great kid and I shouldn't default to annoyed and disappointed with her.

I apologized to her and then spent about three lift rides up enumerating all of the things about her that are just great. Included in that list was how well she takes compliments. She just said a pleased thank you every so often. Perfect.

I let her know that I love her no matter what. I love all of her good characteristics and that her not so great characteristics are only to be expected. Not a single person in this world is made up of only good characteristics. And 10 year old girls, particularly, are not expected to be perfect.

I'm trying hard to look at the good and point it out. It's a challenge, though. At any rate, with no further ado, here are some good things, blessings, if you will, from today:

-Max had a good afternoon. He only had one crying fit.

-Max is one of the two top spellers in his class and gets to compete in the school-wide spelling bee.

-Davan and I worked together on our chore list (as we do every morning, but still).

-Davan gave me a good workout today. We did a half an hour of calisthenics and stretching. She's been coming up with work outs for me, ranging from about 10 minutes up to the 30 minutes we did today. She does a good job. It's not repetitious.

-I beat everyone in my swim group in all of our swims today. Yes, I am competitive. And, yes, there is another adult in my class. And, just to, you know, say, several of the kids in the class are teenagers. :)

-We had brown rice pasta, broccoli, zucchini and carrots in a peanut sauce for dinner. It's one of my favorite meals.

-Davan helped with all the chopping for dinner.

-I got to go watch Davan do gymnastics inside this evening rather than stand in the rain for flag football. Don't get me wrong. I don't mind watching flag football. However, given the choice between rain and indoors...well...

-We had popcorn and smoothies for a snack after gymnastics and it was just what I wanted.

-Anthony wants to watch a House tonight. Yipee!

-My mom is going to be in town and help with watching the kids while I go spend 5 days with my best friend in early May. Anthony won't have to take more than a few hours of vacation time. Big yipee!!!!

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  1. It is okay to be negative - particularly if you are blogging for you. Doesn't it feel better to get it out there, off your chest and into the universe?

    But I did love your happy list.

    I will post one this weekend - you have inspired some thoughts.

    Do you have a recipe for that dinner? It sounds tasty!