Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Family Literacy Day

Today is Family Literacy Day at Max's school. There's a BBQ, games, a craft and a presentation by an author. Sounds like fun, no?

For some reason, no, it doesn't. I really, really don't want to go. For one, I don't do BBQ unless what's being BBQed is veggies. It turns out the BBQ is first and separate from the other activities, though, so Davan and I aren't going until after the BBQ. This leaves games, the craft and the author presentation.

These are great activities and right up Davan's and my alley. So, why do neither of us want to go? I'm not sure.

Davan, independently of knowing that I wasn't thrilled about going, asked if she had to go or if she could stay home.

I just have angst about it.

I can only figure that it must be two things. One is that it interferes with my daily break from Max. What a bad Mommy reason. I mean, really. Still...when I think about it, it feels true.

The other reason is that I just don't like school. I don't like activities where it's too structured. I like going to the library for crafts and/or readings and so does Davan. Herding around, though, with a class plus parents sounds like too many people and too much herding with not enough enjoying.

Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. Think positive! (I'm trying here, folks.)

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