Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day #1 of TV Turn Off Week

I've already whipped through my email and I have a whole four minutes left. Max was only mildly upset about TV Turn Off Week when we announced it at breakfast this morning, but when he realized he wasn't going to get to play video games with two friends who are coming over this afternoon, he got very pouty. Ah well.

For my part, I was a little lost when I walked out this morning and didn't get right on the computer to check email, but I'm doing fine and enjoyed my computer free time. We've already done a rotation of family fun. Although, it wasn't all fun....Max doesn't help with any of the work - like cleaning the table for ping pong. He's passive agressive about it, so you wouldn't even necessarily notice he wasn't helping if you just happened upon the situation, but it's every time, so we notice.

The kids have playdates this afternoon for a couple of hours. I'm reading a non-fiction about nutrition - "The Thrive Diet" - which is interesting and have a fiction book in line to read - "The Greys." Plus I want a walk. :)

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