Saturday, April 05, 2008

Davan's Fun Meet

Davan had her first meet as a Devos today. Devos is the name of the developmental program at her gym. It's for girls who have the ability and drive to make it to team. All the girls sign up for recreational classes to start off and then the rec coaches look for girls with talent or drive or both and recommend them to Linda, the head of the Devos program.

Now, this didn't actually happen for Davan. Even though Davan progressed through the rec program at a phenomenal pace, she was never pointed out to Linda. She ended up in Devos only because the rec coach for her level quit and her class was combined with Linda. Linda lost no time in telling me that Davan should have been recommended to her and that she had no intention of sending Davan back to the rec program when a new coach was found. Davan was thrilled.

It seems like the problem, the hang up, if you will, was that Davan was older. Most kids that are recommended for the Devos program are little - 4, 5 maybe 6 year olds. Davan was 9 when she started gymnastics, but she still should have gone to Devos. Ah well, all is well that ends well.

There was a lot of well in that last sentence. Hmmm.

Any-who, today she had her first Devos meet. She was so excited and had so much fun. It was a little dull for the watchers, as there was only one coach so not much could happen at the same time. Anthony and I still enjoyed it, though, and Max played with some other siblings and had fun, too.

I did Davan's hair for the event. I also did her friend's hair, but as her friend isn't my kid, I won't post her picture. :)

Here's Davan on her beam at home before going to the meet. She's wearing the official Devos leo.

Davan did very well. Here she is collecting one of two prizes that she earned for being the best in her group at a particular event.

And here she is, collecting her 4 blue ribbons. The ribbons are given based on how many spots were needed and/or how many tricks were missed. Blue means one or fewer spots or misses on the event.

There are some other cute pictures, but they all have other people's kids in them, so I won't post them here. But it's too bad. They're cute. :)


  1. Love the hair.

    I resorted to blanking out faces of other people's children last summer when I worked at our day camp.

  2. kitty9:09 PM

    she looks so pleased with herself!