Monday, April 21, 2008

Day #2 TV Turn Off Week

Again, I've whipped through emails, deleting most of them, as they were from a list and of topics I didn't need to read about. I'm visiting a few of my favorite blogs and have plenty of time for a quick post of my own.

I've found, over the last day and morning, that the computer is a habit for me. I don't really do all that much on it, but I sit down here and time just goes. I'm in between things and I wander over and sit down. I get up in the morning and I want to head to the computer.

I think I'd like more time to write on a regular basis, but I also think I need some sort of designated computer time so I don't get carried away.

Max got off to school with a decent morning this morning, so that was nice. We have our usual full Monday ahead of us - Girl Scouts, swimming, gymnastics, flag football. I like Mondays, though. I'd like Anthony to be home with us, too, but I like our activities, so I don't mind being busy.

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