Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm Back!

TV Turn Off week is over at our house. Overall, it went well. There weren't a lot of complaints and I, barely, managed to get what I needed out of the computer in my alloted time, although that part was a bit stressful. Paying bills on Friday was particularly tension inducing with trying to get done in 10 minutes.

Max was very excited to get to play video games today. In fact, he chose to play video games instead of play catch with Tad-ku (my step dad whom he really loves) even though we hadn't seen Oma (my mom) and Tad-ku in two months. And he still only gets two hours. Not the wisest of choices, but there it is.

We had our usual dramas over the week with the library incident and the whole Children's Museum joy ride. Just more of the usual living with Max stuff.

This morning, though, just Max and I were up and moving about this morning, which is unusual. Davan is usually up early on the weekends and Anthony is almost always up before me. Max and I made vegetarian sausages (from tempah and white beans and spices) together and had a really nice time. Yes. You heard me. I really nice time. To bad it only comes about once a month and didn't last even until the end of breakfast. Sigh.

I'm off to play games with a buddy for a while this afternoon, after a nice visit with my parents this morning. I'm sure I'll be writing more this week, but I am still going to try to limit myself to certain times of the day for computer usage. We'll see how that pans out.

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