Monday, June 16, 2008

Another Morning

The kids are fighting. Max is being nearly constantly loud and obnoxious. I'm constantly deciding if I'm going to intervene in his behavior. Most of the time it's no, but it's draining none-the-less because I'd like to intervene more. Most of the time ignoring seems to be the way to go, though.

We have a busy day, which I'm glad for. It should mean less head butting between Max and I and between Max and Davan. We're off to Girl Scouts shortly, then we'll have swimming directly after. Each child has two friend coming over after swimming and the play dates will continue until our Girl Scout end of the year event this evening, after which it will be time for Max to go to bed. Whew.

Tomorrow is quieter, but still somewhat busy with book group in the afternoon (Davan is almost done with the book, but Max is no where near and needs it read out loud. Thus, if he wants to be able to discuss it, he'll have to have a lot of reading time tomorrow morning.) followed by gymnastics for Davan and a respite night at a friend's house for Max. We need it. Thanks so much to Stephanie, friend extrodinare.

This morning I went in to get Max up and he appeared to be asleep, but fully dressed. Meaning he'd gotten up and dressed sometime in the night. Morning? Night? Don't know. Why does it matter? Well, Max has rules about getting up at night. If it were morning and then he went back to bed, so be it. However, if he got up and got dressed last night because he was unhappy that his pj top is missing, well, then that's a different story. Sigh. And then I feel like a total control freak. Which I don't want to do. What does it really matter? But it does if he's defying us by getting up when he's not supposed to. So, either he needs to not go back to bed once he's gotten up so we can tell what has happened in the morning and what during the night or it needs to not matter.

I know which is easier, but easier isn't necessarily better. Sometimes it needs to be hard. Easier is to just let him not do chores, for example. Easier is to ignore it when he is nasty to me...maybe that is better. I don't know. I wish I had the answers.

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