Friday, June 27, 2008

The Ball is Rolling

I told Max's therapist today that we can't be his growing up family. I know she was very, very disappointed. It was very hard. I cried big time for the first time sense deciding to disrupt. It'll be worse telling Max. Someday. Not today. It's his birthday.

We'll have a meeting with therapist and case worker next week and see where we go from there.


  1. {{HUGS}} from me, too, sweetie. I'm so sorry it all turned out like this.


  2. Happy Birthday Max...It is my Birthday today, also. It has been a rather sucky one at that. whatever.

    I'm sure the tears will continue to come. It is healthy. It is not easy. It is flippen hard.

    Take Care of you.

    When Max is told. Let it be from his therapist, your dh....

    Seriously. if I read what I've read here (hoping that I've not mixed you up with someone else) he has some what of a "behavior" issue with you...not dh right?

    Keep the motto that my mom always said. When my dh went to the RTC and told C he would not becoming back home. IT was the "K.I.S.S." motto...


    Short, sweet (not so sweet) and simple...