Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Preview

Max spent last night and is spending tonight again at my SIL's house. I know it's awful, but I don't miss him. I wish it were permanent. I guess that points toward disrupting being the right decision.

Max had a nice birthday party Saturday. His bio half-sister was able to come, which was good for him, even though it's always awkward for the rest of us. Three friends were no-shows (out of 8 invitees), so Anthony, myself and another dad filled out the team for laser tag. Honestly? I was glad it turned out that way. It was a lot of fun playing.

Max had such an anxious, needling us day before the party and after that we were very glad to see him go spend the night elsewhere. He does much better at other people's houses, so everyone is probably okay over there. We haven't actually heard, even though Anthony called over to check in earlier this evening and left a message.

Anthony told his sister when he dropped Max and Conor off after the party. SIL told him that her kids had been saying I'd turned mean, but I used to be nice. This was supposed to be a supportive about disrupting comment, as it indicated the effect he's had on us, but, sadly, it's hard for me to take that way. I do know I've been a lot harsher with those kids sense Max moved in, especially the middle one, who has a lot of behaviors in common with Max.

I pick him up early tomorrow before both he and the cousin's have swim lessons (at different pools). And then it's on with our week.

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