Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, Anthony! I'm a lucky woman. Anthony is a good man. He is a very involved father and an amazingly patient and supportive husband.

It's Father's Day and we are celebrating him....he is choosing the food to eat all day and we are having quite a bit more junk food than usual today, which everyone is enjoying. Although, we did still have fruit with our (whole spelt flour, low sugar vegan) cinnamon roll breakfast and salads before our "chicken" nugget and tator tot lunch. We're going out for pizza tonight. Davan and I will get a veggie with no cheese, but the boys are having a couple of meets with their cheese.

Davan made a present for Anthony at Girl Scouts and did a custom card for him. Max scrounged up a picture he'd draw the other day to give to Anthony. From the family, he got some bike parts.

However, after coming off of our seriously stressful week with Max's various abuses of me, Anthony is the parent in charge this weekend. I'm around. But, I've taken some major steps back from parenting Max in particular this weekend. Anthony is off on a one on one bike ride with Davan right now. He'll do something with Max when he gets back. He does need time with Davan, too. She needs her dad.

Anthony still has to call his sister to ask about Max having regular sleepovers (respite care), but I've already talked to a friend and Max is spending the night at her house on Tuesday. We're still waiting to hear from Barbara about some more long term (a week, please) of respite through foster parents.

And life goes on.

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