Monday, August 18, 2008

And Now, for the Weather Report

Yeah. More about weather. Here's the thing. I know I said that I would enjoy the cooler weather forecast for today. And I am. Really. It was nice to wake up to wet and cool this morning, rather than sweltering and the house too hot already.

However. We're supposed to swim this afternoon. In an outdoor pool. And, in addition to the rain, we're having thunder and lighting. Hmmm....that doesn't bode well for the swimming. It'd suck to miss today, too, because we can't go on Wednesday, our other usual swimming day.

And why can't we go on Wednesday you may ask? Colonoscopy time, baby. Luckily, though, for me, at least, not mine. It's my step dad. He has them regularly due to showing up on some test as being at risk for colon cancer. So far, so good, but he still has them something like 4 times a year.

Usually my mom accompanies him to said colonoscopies, but she is out of town this time. Going alone is out of the question. It's not a hand holding, being there emotionally thing. No, it's a take him home and put him to bed because he'll be under conscious sedation sort of thing.

The first time he had one, he knew he'd be hungry after, due to the fasting and purging that is done before hand. Yuck. Anywho, he talked my mom into taking him to IHOP for breakfast afterward. It was not a fun event. He couldn't order and was extremely silly. In addition, he did not later recall the event at all.

Thus, I have my marching orders. No matter what he says, I'm to take him directly home and put him to bed after, at the most, a piece of toast and a bit of soy milk. Or fruit would also be acceptable.

He's already campaigning for IHOP. Oh Goddess of Food, help me. I'm not one to turn down being taken out to eat easily. I will do it, though! Home and to bed.

Actually, just to take all the fun out of the last paragraph, I am okay with turning down IHOP. Other places, though...well, let's just be thankful he's only going to be begging for IHOP.

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