Monday, August 25, 2008

Pretending to Move

We talked more about moving this weekend.

Ami, thanks for the information about homeschooling in Colorado. I went and checked it out myself and, yeah, it's a pretty decent homeschool state, compliance-wise. You have to let them know every year that you are going to homeschool and testing is done every other year. We could handle that.

In addition, I found a secular homeschool group in Colorado Springs and joined their email list to get an idea of what sort of things are available and what the "scene" looks like. I joined a second, welcomes everyone sort of group, as well. I don't have a problem with people who are religious and homeschool, but, as we're doing it for non-religious reasons, I don't care to join groups that are for religious homeschoolers.

We still don't know if we're going to move for sure, but we're thinking about the possibility of moving out of this house even if we don't move to Colorado. Thus, we've decided to act as if we were going to move. This means getting stuff done, people. We've got mega yard work to do, a little cosmetic stuff around the house and two kind of big projects - new floors and a deck.

Even if we then decide to move, we'll have everything done that we want done, which, hey, we'll enjoy, too. So, why then are we thinking about moving even if we stay locally? Well. I hate yard work. Anthony doesn't hate it, but he doesn't get out there and do it, either. So, our yard is a total mess. Well, maybe not total. I've laid eyes on worse, but it's not good.

I figure, if neither of us is going to take care of a yard, we shouldn't have one. Makes sense to me. Although, possibly, if we get it whipped into shape enough, it won't be difficult to maintain and we'll stay. I think we'd be fooling ourselves, though.

Also, on the pretending to move front, we'll be selling off stuff we don't want/need any more. My dream move would be to move with nearly nothing and start building up again at a new location. If we stay locally, though, we'll keep most of our furniture. If we move to Colorado...then Anthony don't think selling off and rebuilding his tool supply is feasible. I still want my VitaMix. Family pictures will need to be kept. Most other stuff can be sold and then bought used at the other end to save the need to move it.

Will we move? I don't know. But the cleaning out and cleaning up isn't a bad thing either way.

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