Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tuesday Morning - 2:03am

I gently woke Davan up. We quietly dressed in the sweats we'd laid out earlier. We sneaked out the front door to the car. A 20 minute drive to Rooster Rock State Park, listening to Airborn.

We stumbled out of the car and to a grassy area where there were others, laying around, talking quietly and looking at the sky. What a sky. The stars were bright - much brighter than in the city, but not as bright as on a backpacking trip even further from the city lights.

We lay there, snuggling, talking, giggling and watching the sky. We lasted about 40 minutes until we were too cold and I was too worried about lack of sleep (on top of our trip up to the Homestead with the Girl Scouts over the weekend, which Davan started on a sleep deficit due to supporting Anthony's birthday bike ride) and we headed for home again.

What did we see? Shooting starts - lots of them! The Perseid Meteor Shower, of course. We probably saw about 30 or so while we were there. That was fewer than some reports I'd heard, but still pretty great. Sometimes we waited a while, sometimes they came one on top of another. Some were tiny, some were spectacular.

Thursday. 12:00am. I finally get out of bed to try to empty my mind a bit. Not nearly as much fun as Tuesday early morning. Not to mention that I'd slept some then. Not so tonight. What am I thinking about? Not much, but it still is going around and around.

One thing was this post about the meteor shower. Now that's done. Whew. It was pretty mind-boggling, eh?

I've also been thinking about how to beat the heat for the next couple of days. It's supposed to be over 100 on Friday, which is hot, hot, hot for around here. The 98 for tomorrow will be bad enough.

Davan has gymnastics both days. The gym isn't a pleasant place to be on a hot day. Tomorrow, I'll freeze some grapes for her snack to help her keep cool, but we've got plans before already - brunch with my parents. And we've got to catch up on the Olympic gymnastics! We haven't seen the women's team competition yet due to a busy day today, but, of course, it's high on the to-do list for Davan. And, no, we don't have air conditioning. That would make beating the heat too easy, of course.

Friday, though. I'm thinking of going to water for the afternoon when gymnastics is done. A packed lunch and we can be off to a better place for the afternoon. Maybe a friend can come along. I'll have to investigate that possibility. Or maybe Davan and I should just have some bonding time.

Speaking of bonding time, I'm also thinking about planning a camping trip for the two of us (Anthony can't get the time off, or he'd be invited, as well) for the last week of August because there is no gymnastics. I'm thinking of camping someplace with a nice swimming hole of some sort. But, I've got to figure that out and see if I can get reservations or if we'll just wing it.

That's about it for the mind churning. Nothing life shattering. But, apparently enough to keep my brain from being able to rest. Maybe now that I've written it out....I can hope.

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