Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Maybe it's Just Me

Davan and I have another discussion this morning. It was about just a little comment of mine, resulting in tears of Davan's. Sigh. So, I held her and we had it out a bit. She thinks it's just that I'm blowing things out of proportion and she's tired of having to have all these "talks."

And here I though she was blowing things out of proportion. Silly me.

Really, though, perhaps it's both of us. Perhaps if I let things slide for a while (much more negative attitude than usual, more clingy-ness, more propensity to burst into tears, a lessened work ethic), these things will pass.

Perhaps it is me and I'm just focusing more on Davan than when Max was here and, with too much familiarity...well, there is no contempt on my part, but we do spend and awful lot of time in each other's back pockets, rarely with a third to take away the focus.

It's something to ponder.

But, hey. I live with a pre-teen who is going through a bit of a regression emotionally. It can't all be me. Can it?

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