Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another Post?!?!?

Yeah. I'm avoiding work and I'm not overly into the book I'm reading. What can I say?

I'm trying to get the camera out more. Here are some of the results of that:

Davan lost her first molar the other day. It took the tooth fairy two nights to come. Gol-darn tooth fairy.

Davan rediscovered the wooden train tracks this week. She's got a course all set up that goes under the couch and over some odd things. This afternoon she played with it for a bit while listening to Anthony read from our latest family book.

Okay. His face looks a little red there for some reason. That's not his normal look....

Davan decided to give herself a challenge for the afternoon. She wrote it up on the white board. It includes weeding! How cool is that? Some other things are feeding Arie (her rat), reading a chapter of Harry Potter and petting Oscar (one of the cats) amongst other things.

Here she is, weeding, as stated in the challenge. She is still wearing her leo from today's gymnastics exhibition at the park.

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