Saturday, August 16, 2008

Davan's Big Decision

Yesterday was the day by which Davan needed to decide if she was going to continue with the gymnastics or not. I'm sure you've all been waiting with baited breath to hear the outcome.

Drum roll, please.....

She's sticking with it! I actually have mixed feelings about this. I think she should stick with gymnastics, but it has occurred to me more than once this summer that she should be at a different gym with different coaches. But, she'll be staying here for the year. After that, we can reasses.

Now it's time to make up the contract. We'll sit down and work on it sometime this weekend. It will include clauses for just wanting a day off, paying, minimum hours in a week that I'll watch, attitude (which I'm not sure how to quantify) and accurately relaying things her coaches have said to her.

In regards to that last bit, Thursday evening she came home saying that Brandon (head coach) had told her that her glide swing was the worst. Well, that pisses me off. She messes up on one out of the evening and he says that to her? Unacceptable. I asked her on Friday, though, when she had told me she was going to stay, "Did Brandon really tell you that you had the worst glide swing?"

Head down, whispering, "No...he just said I didn't do it right. I'm sorry."

Well, him saying she didn't do it right I can live with. Her telling me he said something much worse than what he said...not so much. Have I mentioned that Davan has a flair for the dramatic? Maybe once or twice?

Anyway, all these points will be hammered out and then we'll all sign.

The thing about it is that it shouldn't be that hard for her to have a good attitude about it. She often comes home either aglow about gymnastics or, after the "bad" stuff, she will say how much she enjoyed doing front flips on the trampoline or whatever. She just glows when she talks about what she can do. Why does making that the focus rather than that she wasn't the best on vault or that Brandon kept correcting her bar routine (which, I might add, is his job) come so hard for her?

Well. We'll contract up and then see how it all goes.

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