Thursday, August 07, 2008

My Dream

I'm trying to get ready to go and support Anthony on his big annual birthday bike ride. It's early. We've stayed the night at a resort of sorts. Davan is still sleeping. I have to get the gorilla that was a part of the package of the room out of it's night time cage down by the garages and up into the unit we're staying in. Because we'll be gone for most of the day, I have to lock it up in a room. It knows this and is not happy about it, so it's stalling.

It wanders off in the wrong direction, tell me (somehow) that it needs parts for maintaining the unit (which is it's job and why it comes as a part of the unit). I'm very anxious to get this gorilla into it's room because I'm supposed to be bringing Anthony fresh liquids and food, not to mention moral support. The gorilla is trying to not have to be put in it's room.

I'm trying to be firm and in charge, but the gorilla is a large animal. I certainly can't grapple with it. Finally, it goes into it's room. Sometime shortly before we finally make it back to the unit, the thought crosses my mind that this is an awful lot like having Max around again.

My SIL is there in the unit, getting breakfast for her kids and wants to engage me in conversation. I'm really in a hurry here. I finally break away.

Now it's Davan, Max and I off to support Anthony. I'm, at first, not sure where to go, then I remember, "Oh, yeah, Timberline Lodge, of course," and we're off. We get to a point where there is snow. Lots and lots of snow. In fact, there are snow tunnels and the car can't fit in the tunnels.

I'm single minded in my effort to get to Anthony and support him. Davan is following me through the deep snow. Max is not longer in the picture. We finally make it to the lodge and there is Anthony, just arriving himself.

I tell him all about what happened and apologized because, in the mad rush to get to him, I left all the food and such in the car. "I'm sorry! I got here, but I didn't bring you anything! All the food is in the car!"

"No problem. Don't worry about it. I'm okay. We'll get it on the way back down," Anthony soothes.

Then I woke up. It was 7:10 and I was supposed to have gotten up at 6:50. I woke Davan up, we threw on our clothes and grabbed our support gear and raced out the door. We caught up to Anthony, who had a nice ride.

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