Saturday, August 23, 2008

Selling Candy

Sigh. We're fundraising for gymnastics. I hate selling stuff. I really do. On the other hand, gymnastics is incredibly expensive. The good thing about fundraising for gymnastics, as opposed to soccer, for example, is that it directly benefits us - the gymnastics family. We get most of the profits in an account in Davan's name at the gym. We get to pay for gymnastics with it. If we go really gung-ho (yeah, right), we can pay for meet fees and travel expenses for meets with it.

So, off we go with a box of chocolate and a bag of meat sticks. Not stuff we eat. But we're selling it. Could I be more enthused? Well, yes, I could. Will I drag Davan out anyway and force Anthony to take it to work with him? Yup. Let me repeat. Gymnastics is expensive.

In addition to selling stuff, I'll be selling myself. Not that way, oh ye of dirty mind. But, rather, my time. I'll be working from time to time at the Rose Quarter, which is where all our big sporting events in Portland happen, as well as concerts and such. Our group "works" at one of the concession stands. We get "paid" for our hours in fundraising money. That means that there aren't taxes on it, it just goes into the account at the gym to be used.

Anyone can work there and give the money to Davan's gymnastics fund. Feel like working at the Rose Quarter anyone? There is a training class on the 3rd of September...we could go Oh well, it was worth a try. After all, I'm already selling the candy, how much lower can I go?

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