Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Time on my Hands - Rambling

It's Wednesday morning. The day of the colonoscopy. So, why then, am I not sitting at the clinic, waiting for hours on end? The times were mixed up. My step dad doesn't have to be there two hours early. He just has to be there by 12:15 and the procedure will be underway by 1:00. Okay, then. Only I didn't know until Davan already had plans and I was on my way over to my parents' house.

So, Davan is off playing with a friend for the day. I'm at my parents' house with time galore. What better way to fill the time than to play on the computer?

Well, honestly, my first choice was to watch the Olymic diving from Sunday night that my folks recorded for me, but when I sat down to watch, my evil step dad who, for whom I'm doing this nice favor today, had deleted it to make space. Humpf.

Okay. I was going to ramble about thinking of Max (hoping he is doing okay, but not missing him, really) and frequently checking out the waiting children for Oregon list to see if he shows up (not yet). I was going to go on to ramble about Davan and how she seems to be coming to terms with her feelings about Max leaving. However, my step dad is now making noises about leaving (we'll be quite early), so I'm wrapping it up instead.

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  1. The Day of the Colonoscopy sounds like a book title.