Monday, July 14, 2008

Churn, Churn, Churn

My stomach, that is. I had a hard time with breakfast and suspect a hard time will be had with lunch, as well. Lunch is fast approaching and then Barbara will be here to pick Max up. I hope she's on time. I don't know if everyone's nerves can take her being late today.

bottoms partially because they keep Anthony stayed home today. We got up and did chores (except Max, who played video games and complained about Anthony not playing with him), got Max almost all packed up (out of the pile of clothes he made on the floor from emptying out his dresser last night), ate breakfast, went to Target to fill his prescription, pick up some pj bottoms for him (he's short on summer pjs mostly because they keep disappearing - go figure - but we didn't want to send him without and look worse than we already will for sending him in the first place) and give him a chance to spend more of his birthday money. Once back home, Anthony and Max built the Lego kit that was purchased and are now playing video games.

Max seems to be his more or less usual self - sometimes angry, sometimes pestering, sometimes anxious to go to his "take a break" home, sometimes seeing what he can get away with and sometimes saying things like, "You're the best dad ever!" Max does say this sort of thing, when he's happy with us, i.e. Anthony is going to play a video game with him or I announce that we're eating out. He's usually very extreme in his emotions - he either thinks we're the best or the worst. It's hard to hear today, though. Anthony told me he thinks he will cry. I don't know if I will. Maybe. Probably.

We are going to have a ceremony of some sort after Max leaves today. Sort of a memorial for the three of us. I'm thinking of having another this weekend for us plus my parents. And perhaps a third later this evening for just Anthony and I.

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