Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Report

I didn't end up actually being sick, even though I had a couple of hours of sneezing, stuffy and sore throat plus being very tired on Friday. I think, mostly, I was just very tired. The last month or so has not been conducive to sleep.

We had a busy weekend with two different parties to attend and a breakfast visit with my parents.

My parents had been out of town for over a month, road tripping up to Alaska in their RV. We'd actually seen my step dad once after they got back, but my mom had to turn around right away and go away for work. So, it was nice to see them.

It was my step dad's birthday weekend, so we had a bit of a special breakfast for him and he opened presents.

After the birthday stuff, we had another memorial for Max. All five of us did some sharing about him our time with him. Davan was missing him and was kind of out of sorts after the memorial. I figure, though, that that just means she needs those opportunities to talk/process.

Davan is going through a bit of a rough time. She's more shy than even usual. She was all hunched up when we went to the first party on Saturday, which was with people Anthony works with. I haven't seen her all hunched like that in quite a while, although she used to do it a lot. I think, in part, she must feel conflicted. She's very glad he's gone...but she misses him...but she didn't want him in the house when he was here...but is he okay...but thank goodness we are not under the stress of Max...but, but, but. It's a lot to deal with for a 10 year old little girl. Especially with hormones kicking in....

While she's shown no body signs of puberty yet, she has started cycling with me. Which sucks because we're both irritable at the same times of the month and we feed off of each other.

We got almost all of Max's stuff packed up. The only things left are a some clothing items that are still working their way through the laundry. Davan found a pair of his socks jammed into the springs of the trampoline just a couple of days ago, for example. It's odd to have all of his stuff in boxes just waiting.

I still need to work on a couple of pages for his life book about his time with us. And I ordered a bunch of pictures from Snapfish that just today got printed finally. When those come, I'll put them in a photo album for him. Davan is working on a memory box for him to remember her by. She also has a scrap book type book she made for him for his adoption finalization (sigh) that can be modified a bit and still given to him.

Today is meeting friends at the park, swimming and my MIL over for dinner.

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