Wednesday, July 16, 2008

People Suck

I have not had the best luck with bikes and stuff on them staying where I put them, as long time readers will know. Our tandem bike was stolen from outside of Winco one day while my daughter and I were shopping for, literally, about 8 minutes. In addition to the bike being gone, our helmets, a bike light and various other attached items were gone, as well. On other occasions, I've had numerous water bottles stolen, a couple of bike lights and...well, that might be it up until today, but it's enough, no?

Today, at the library, Davan and I came out to find that our panniers had been stolen. Crap. In one of them was our bag of swim stuff (we'd just finished swimming with a friend) - a suit each, two towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair gel, pony tail holders, deodorant, lotion, not to mention the bag it's all in - and, in the other, our helmets, a spare lock (which didn't have a key with it, so that's completely useless to the thief), and two water bottles, one of which was a Sig that Davan had purchased for herself.

And there we were, with an arm load of books from the library with no good way to get them home. A police officer was walking back and forth, patrolling the front of the library. She was nice enough, but there wasn't anything she could do. She did get a bag from the library for us, which made it possible to get our books home.

I'm fairly sure I know who did the deed, too. A man and woman came up on bikes just as we did. The man had a basket for his rack, which had their books in it. When we came out, the basket was laying there by the bike racks. I think they found something better. I'm so angry.

Why can't people leave stuff alone that isn't their's? Why do they want someone else's water bottles? Why couldn't they have at least emptied them out before taking them? There wasn't anything in there that would be of value to them, but it's important to us.

People suck.

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