Thursday, July 17, 2008

Money, Money, Money

I'm feeling a bit of concern over finances this week. It's not that we're near to destitute or anything. It's more that we were hoping to do a largish project like a deck or some sort of wood-type floors in the main part of the house (thanks in large part to cats peeing where they should not - thanks, cats). But, money is just kind of drifting away.

First, we had IRS troubles this year. We still got a refund, but they owed us more. They asked for a form that we seem to have forgotten to send in the first time. We sent it, but then they wrote again, saying that, because they hadn't received the form, they were just going to make the refund as they figured it without said form. What the heck? We'd sent it in right away. So, we called them and said, "Hey! We did send it!" They said, "Well, we don't have record of it. Send it again." So we did. The latest is that they sent us a letter saying that the investigation into this matter is pending and we need not do anything more. Great. We'd be happy to not do anything more if they'd give us our money - a significant amount, or we wouldn't be bothering with it all.

Then there is the small matter of no longer being reimbursed for the expenses associated with Max's adoption. When you adopt through the state, they pay your expenses. As the adoption did not finalize, no reimbursement for us. We went into this whole thing with the best of intentions, but we don't begrudge this money. It's just that it would have been nice to have.

Next, still associated with Max, is his camps. We'd signed him up for 5 different weeks of Skyhawks sports camps. So far, none of them have gone through. We did get refunds for those two camps, but there are three more. I called today to pull him out. They have a no refund policy, but they'd be glad to credit my account. That does me basically no good, as they aren't camps that Davan would do. Although, Davan did say that she'd maybe do the baseball one if we couldn't get a refund. Now I'm hoping that the rest of the camps won't go through, either, and I'll still be able to get a refund.

Even without those camps, though, we've dropped a bundle on camps for Max this summer already. More than I would have spent under any other circumstance because I think kids should be fine at home and doing family-type activities most of the time.

Davan, meanwhile, has moved up to team for gymnastics. This is great for her, not so great for the pocketbook. My parents were generous in helping out by buying her team leotard for her. But, we also have an increase in monthly tuition and, next month, team fees to pay plus warm ups, gym bag and a sweat shirt to buy. Yikes! Team fees, just so you know, will cost us the same as tuition. They cover meet fees and coach fees/travel for the meets.

And now? The stuff gets stolen off of the bike. Davan and I walked over to Joe's (a local sporting goods store) this morning and got new helmets and goggles. Only because we found them on clearance did my price estimate pan out on those items. Just for helmets and goggles, I dropped $60.

Davan is saying she'll buy her own replacement for her Sigg water bottle, but I don't even know if she has the money to do it right now. I feel horrible for her to have to at a price tag of nearly $30 a pop.

Then, of course, we're still expected to pay our bills and there is food to buy and all of that jazz. Like I said, though, we're far from destitute, but our projects may have to wait a longer. Like until Davan is done with gymnastics! That's one expensive sport! LOL

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  1. Regarding the no refund policy on the camps...

    Our company also has a no refund policy. That's on paper. If you call the main office and you have a good explanation or unavoidable circumstances, they're willing to refund the money.

    Worth a try.

    Don't take the word of the regular 'man in the field'

    Make that call. Ya never know.