Monday, November 03, 2008

Body Update

Because I know you'll all interested. :)

My neck is officially better! I can't remember exactly when I last was still feeling it as iffy, but I think it's been about a week. I'm so glad it's finally better! It was nearly two months of a mix of anything between lots of pain and uncomfortable.

My knees are doing pretty well. I can still feel the left one a little. It got worse before it got better, though, and my right knee got into the act for a day or so, but is fine now. I ran for the 4th day in a row yesterday, but took today off of running because it's a swimming day. I did do my yoga today.

I skipped yoga yesterday morning, as we were going over to my parents' for breakfast. I did stretch and do a little gentle yoga while we watched Survivor, though. Saturday was a short yoga day - only about 25 minutes - which I just did on my own, no tape.

I'm feeling pretty good about my workouts. I'm feeling less than great about food for the last few days. I didn't eat anything outrageous other than on Halloween, but we had chocolate chip pancakes two days in a row (also lots of fruit, though). Both Saturday and Sunday were kind of funny eating days, Sunday being more off. We ate a decent lunch, but then just snacked all afternoon and evening - nothing bad, but no good veggies, either. Anyway, I just ended up going to bed feeling kind of funny in the tummy.

This morning Davan and I had fresh strawberry smoothies. We don't care for frozen strawberries, so it's a seasonal thing for us. We're stretching strawberry season this year with strawberries from Costco, which, while not cheap per say, aren't hidiously expensive either.

I'd just bought some yesterday and noticed that several were already looking a little mushy - smoothies it was! This is what we put in for two of them:

2 frozen banana
~3 cups spinach (this does make it green, but you don't taste it much and adds a lot of nutrition)
~2 TBS smooth natural peanut butter
2 TBS flax meal
1 TBS hemp protein
~3 cups strawberries
~1 cup almond milk

They were yummy!

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